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Top B. Ed. Colleges in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state that has always recognised the importance of education. It was for this reason why, when it got separated from Uttar Pradesh and was given statehood, Uttarakhand focussed on education. 

Since November 9, 2001, several schools and colleges have come up in the state, especially in the capital, Dehradun. However, there is a lack of qualified teachers and professors who can impart education in Uttarakhand. To address this lack, several new institutions have come up in the state. But there are only a few which are considered top B. Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand. 

This is where Tanishk College of Education comes into play. It offers a Bachelors of Education programme to its candidates, providing them with proper training required to get a job in the field. The unique status of Tanishk College of Education among the top B. Ed. colleges in Uttarakhand is borne out of the dedicated faculty and staff working tirelessly with the candidates to secure a brighter future for them.

Although there are some colleges that offer a correspondence course, Tanishk College of Education has a hands-on approach and offers a full-time B. Ed. course in its Dehradun campus. Any candidate who has graduated from college with a 50% with a Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Commerce or Bachelors of Arts is eligible to pursue the course.